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setting standards for certification, training and supervision of domestic violence professionals in Illinois

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Certified Domestic Violence Professional (CDVP) is the standard for individuals who provide services and support for domestic abuse victims and their families.


Certified Partner Abuse Intervention Professionals (CPAIP) provide intervention and rehabilitation support for domestic abuse offenders.

Certified Sites

For locations and agencies that provide counseling services, group support, training or employment to CDVPs or CPAIP professionals.

ICDVP Change Reporting Form

If your agency has experienced changes at your certified site, submit the completed form to ICDVP at Once the form is submitted to ICDVP it will be reviewed and your site may be contacted to provide technical assistance and/or discuss options.



Processing fees for online payments are increasing

June 28, 2024

Due to an increase in costs, processing fees for online payments will be changing, effective 07/01/24.  Payments made by check

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CDVP/CPAIP Certification – September 2024 Renewal Notice

April 25, 2024

CDVP/CPAIP Certification – Renewal Notice  Expiration Date:  09/30/24 Important Reminder:  If you used the two-month extension during the previous renewal period

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February 08, 2024

CDVP/CPAIP Certification Renewal date:  02/28/24 This post is to remind you that your CDVP/CPAIP certification is due on 02/28/24. If

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February 08, 2024

It was brought to our attention that there was an issue with two of the new forms that were sent

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Site Renewal Application

January 19, 2024

Please note that ICDVP has created new renewal forms.  They can be found on the ICDVP website under Policy Manual.  An

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CDVP/CPAIP Certification Renewal

January 19, 2024

ICDVP is accepting applications for the 02/28/24 renewal date.    Feel free to contact ICDVP to check on the status

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We work in partnership with several social service agencies. Training for these agencies assists in providing an understanding of the needs of survivors - even those we don’t serve ourselves. Sharing training and knowledge throughout our community is vital and working closely with so many other agencies who may be focused on other aspects of a survivors life (such as Land of Lincoln or DCFS) helps us provide a united assistance to those we work with on a regular basis.

We are an Arab American-based agency and within our community domestic violence is still a taboo. Being certified gives me the opportunity to train, educate, and bring awareness to the elements of domestic violence and incorporate the cultural aspect. Being certified gives us credibility and continues to have us involved in movements, committees, and trainings that will help advocates and community members become a positive assets to the community and stop the spread of violence.

Becoming certified was valuable to me in my past job, where I worked as an advocate for children and teens at a domestic violence agency. I learned a lot from studying for the certification and from the CEUs that are required. Being certified made me feel more confident in my ability to serve my clients and enhanced my education from my bachelor’s degree.

I would like to recognize the hard work and tireless dedication of the ICDVP board in establishing and maintaining standards for providers who administer services to those in need or working in the field of intimate partner abuse. It is crucial to assure the appropriate help and support is available to all. Thank you to the ICDVP Board, collectively and individually for all that you do.

This certification truly does separate those who provide social services to survivors of domestic violence and those who are specialized in the domestic violence services. Maintaining the certification makes it mandatory to stay abreast of trainings specific to this population. We continue to learn more through various studies, situations change that change the dynamics of domestic violence such as the current pandemic, unhealthy trends can lend itself to more domestic violence, etc. and the trainings keep us updated on current needs.

I believe that being certified adds a level of creditability that not only am I am a professional in the field of mental health services but I have a special interest and am knowledgeable in victim and perpetrator services.

Being certified helps remind me of the importance of continuing to learn and grow in this field. Domestic violence as a movement is still changing and growing. The licensure gives me the push I need sometimes to prioritize challenging some of my own beliefs.

Being certified gives me credibility in the field as a professional.

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