Who We Are


Michelle Maldonado, CPAIP (she/her/hers)
Executive Director


Melissa McGraw, CDVP, CPAIP (she/her/hers)
Safe Passage

Erika Montes, CDVP
Vice President
Safe Passage

Maureen Manning, CDVP, CPAIP
Vice President of Standards
Community Crisis Center

Kristy O'Malley
Guardian Angel Community Services

Christine Alcorn-Catena, CDVP, CPAIP
Crisis Center for South Suburbia

Susan Bursztynsky, CDVP
Safe Journeys

M. Carol Gsell CDVP, CPAIP
ANEW: Building Beyond Violence and Abuse

Solomohn Ennis-Klyczek, CDVP (she/her/hers)

Laura Kresse, CDVP (she/her/hers)
Sojourn Shelter & Services, Inc.

Rebecca Laudati, CDVP, CPAIP
Mutual Ground

Anna Margrum, CDVP

Melanie Skach, CDVP (she/her/hers)
Guardian Angel Community Services

Ky Newsome
Prevail Illinois

Fran Reyes, CDVP
The Center for Prevention of Abuse

Mary Taylor
Tenth Judicial Circuit Family Violence Coordinating Council

Jennifer Vancil, CDVP

Emily Hinrichsen, CDVP (she/her/hers)
Ex-Officio Board Member
(Non-Voting Member)

Florence Forshey, CDVP
Ex-Officio Board Member
(Non-Voting Member)

If you are interested in joining the ICDVP Board, contact us at ilcdvp@ilcdvp.org

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