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New Forms

ICDVP has made some exciting changes to our forms and would like to provide sites with the updates.  The forms are all fillable and you can begin using them immediately. After receiving some feedback from some of our sites, we have also made some recent changes in language in our definitions and on the forms.  It is worth noting that none of the time frames have been altered. Reference the topics and definitions when you are revising your training to include all required information.


The outline contains the list of topics required for the 40-hour Domestic Violence training. In addition, each category has been assigned minimum timeframes. Programs may add materials and time for any topic as appropriate for the needs of victims/survivors served by their program as long as the list of topics and minimum timeframes are used. ICDVP chooses to assign only 34 hours of the 40-hour topics, and the approved training sites must choose the additional 6 hours of relevant training topics. A variety of teaching methods may be utilized, including role-plays, lectures, group interactive exercises or videos/other media. ICDVP requires that every approved training site conduct either the 40-hours or 20-hours of in-person training in the physical presence of a trainer. Work assigned to be completed outside of the classroom, observation, and on-the-job shadowing do not count towards the training time.


Form 11

Attached to this email are the ICDVP 40-Hour Domestic Violence Training Topics and Definitions AND the forms to be completed for the different formats of training.  Instead of using Form 11B for both virtual and module training, they have been separated into two forms (11B and 11C).


Form 11 – 40-Hour In-Person


Form 11B – ICADV Modules

*used for ICADV Modules

*ICADV module times are included on the form


Form 11B – 20-Hour Module/20-Hour In-Person

*this form is used if your site has created their own modules


Form 11C – 20-Hour Virtual/20-Hour In-Person


Change in Language on Form 11

Children’s Issues

  • Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act changed to Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act (ANCRA)


Working with Survivors/Victims with Complex Issues

  • People with Unique Challenges changed to People with Disabilities; People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Behavioral Mental Health Issues changed to People with Behavioral or Mental Health Issues


IDVA and Legal Issues

  • Criminal or Civil Court – Orders of Protection and Civil No Contact Order changed to Criminal Offenses:  Assault, Domestic Battery, Violation of Order of Protection, and Stalking. 
  • Added Pretrial Release to Conditions of Bond.
  • Per ICDVP definitions, the topics titled Parentage, Parental Responsibility, Child Abduction, Leaving the State are OPTIONAL and that is indicated on the form.


Form 10 – Site Renewal

Attached to this email is the new renewal form which has been separated into different portions to make it easier to complete. We have also included an instruction sheet to assist with your site renewal.  The forms are all fillable, but a written or electronic signature is required on the Cover Form. This form must be used for site renewals only.


Form 10 – Cover Form

Form 10A – 40-Hour In-Person

Form 10B – 20-Hour Module/20-Hour In-Person

Form 10C – 20-Hour Virtual/20-Hour In-Person

Form 10D – 20-Hour In-Person (PAIP)

Form 10E – 4-Hour Virtual/16-Hour In-Person (PAIP)

Form 10F – CDVP Supervision Site

Form 10G – CEU Site

Form 10H – CEU Site (NON-DV Site)


Site Renewal NOTE

Please use the new applicable form 10’s for your renewal application(s). ICDVP will continue to accept completed Tracking Form 11 and/or completed Tracking Form 11b for documentation of your most recent training(s).


Feel free to reach out to ICDVP with any questions.

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