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Congratulations on 20 years of CDVP certification!

ICDVP would like to congratulate the following individuals on achieving 20 years of certification as a Certified Domestic Violence Professional.  We truly appreciate not only your dedication to maintaining certification, but your work in the field of domestic violence.  These individuals were part of the first two groups who embarked on CDVP certification when it first began and have maintained certification by completing 30 CEUs every two years.

Marsha Broers

Beatris Burgos

Raphaelle Cappos

Addie Chattic

Catherine Daesch

Linda DeFrancisco

Teri Ducy

Florence Forshey

Jennifer Gabrenya

Melissa Gonzalez-Strick

Rita Gower

Jeanine Howe

Carolyn Khan

Stephanie Love-Patterson

Kathyrn Malyszko

Maureen Manning

Amy Milligan

Karin Mills

Susan Misch

Debra Mize

Karen Olalde

Dayimiris Peguero

Megan Rosado

Melissa Russell

Courtney Tierney

Lisa White-Nesby

Rebecca Winstead

Karen Zander

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