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Congratulations on 20 years of CDVP certification!


ICDVP would like to congratulate the following individuals on achieving 20 years of certification as a Certified Domestic Violence Professional.  We truly appreciate not only your dedication to maintaining certification, but your work in the field of domestic violence.  These individuals became certified in 2003 and have maintained certification by completing 30 CEUs every two years.

Nabila C. Alamin                                        Marcy Jacobs

Jack Borders                                                Susan K. Kensil        

Pauline Cade                                               Joyce Kirkland

Betsy Carlson                                              Dona Leanard                  

Susan Charles                                             Rita Ryan                       

Danielle Del Faro                                       Kimberly Shapps              

Teresa Gielczynski                                     Diane Taborn

Claire Heffron-McKinney                     Margarette Trushel

Angela Hunt                                             Jeannine Woods


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