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CDVP/CPAIP Certification – Renewal Notice

Renewal Date: 02/28/22

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ICDVP realizes that many in-person trainings have been canceled due to COVID-19 and, as a result, renewal requirements have been temporarily changed. The following requirements have changed:

  • The original renewal date of 02/28/22 has been extended until 04/28/22. It is important to note that this DOES NOT extend your next renewal date, and the next renewal date will remain 02/28/24.
  • The required 30 CEUs must be completed during the dates of 03/01/20 –04/28/22. For the 02/28/22 renewal period, the 15 hours of in-person CEUs have been waived. All CEUs can be completed online.
  • The above changes apply to the 02/28/22 renewal date ONLY.

To renew your certification, you will need to complete ICDVP Form 8, include documentation that you have completed the required 30 hours of continuing education (CEU) and a payment for the $75 renewal fee and any other fees that may apply by the expiration date listed on your current certificate. If you have additional petition fees along with the renewal fee, they can be included in the same payment.

ICDVP no longer mails out the Individual Renewal Form (ICDVP Form 8), and it is the responsibility of the certified individual to access ICDVP Form 8 on the ICDVP website at It can be found under the Quick Links section of the website.

Please note the following when sending in your application:

  • The application must be completed with all CEU courses listed including those that you are petitioning. If the application is not filled out completely or if it is not signed it may be returned. If your agency pays your fee, remind them that the check must be for your renewal only.
  • CEUs must be completed during the period of 03/01/20 – 04/28/22. Courses completed prior to 03/01/20 will not be accepted toward the 30-hour continuing education requirement for renewal.
  • All CEU trainings must be related to the 40-hour domestic violence and/or 20-hour PAIP training topics.
  • The maximum number of hours that can be requested for a single conference is 20 hours. Courses less than one hour in length will not receive credit.
  • Continuing education units earned from ICDVP Certified CEU Training Sites do not require a petition or a fee of $10. To make sure the CEU Provider is an ICDVP approved Site, you can get the list off the website at
  • All petitions must be signed and accompanied by the appropriate form and $10 fee for each one.
    • Continuing education credit can be given for courses not from ICDVP approved CEU Training sites, but they will require a petition (ICDVP Form 6) and a fee of $10 and must be an extension of topics covered in the 40-hour training and/or 20-hour PAIP training topics.
    • When asking for CEUs for teaching a Domestic Violence course, you must send proof that you taught it and the number of hours must be listed. The maximum number of hours allowed by any individual is 10 hours per renewal period. Documentation can include a letter from the agency or college where the course was taught, provided it lists dates and hours of teaching. Agendas with the name of the instructor and time listed for the course are also accepted. Send a petition (ICDVP Form 7) and a $10 fee.
    • If you are asking for CEUs for committee participation, send committee minutes with your name listed as being present and the time the meeting started and ended is included in the documents. A maximum of 6 hours of CEUs may be earned per renewal period. Send a petition (ICDVP Form 5) and a $10 fee.
  • It is highly recommended that applications are submitted 30 days prior to the renewal date to allow for any corrections to be made. If an application for renewal is incomplete or inaccurate, the applicant will be given a short time period to submit the requested information before a $25 late fee is added.
  • ICDVP will begin accepting renewal applications on 12/01/21, and all applications must be postmarked on or before 04/28/22. If the renewal application is not postmarked on or before 04/28/22, the certification will become inactive and an additional $100 reinstatement fee will be charged in addition to the original renewal fees.
  • The ICDVP Policy and Procedure Manual is continually updated and revised. Execution of all Policies and Procedures included in the manual are at the sole discretion of ICDVP, Inc. For additional information or clarification, refer to the website at

Send renewal applications to:
ICDVP, Inc., P.O. Box 429, La Grange, IL 60525

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