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When Violence Begins At Home by Karen Wilson is available in the 2005 version. This reference has provided professionals and victims of abuse with guidance and can be used for the CDVP certification test as well as the 1997 version. The updated edition addresses new research and programs.








Our Mission

Promote competency in domestic violence services throughout the State of Illinois by setting standards for certification, training, and supervision of domestic violence professionals.


The Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professionals, Inc. (ICDVP) was established to foster uniformity in domestic violence and partner abuse intervention services throughout the State of Illinois, and create recognized professions of Certified Domestic Violence Professionals (CDVP) and Certified Partner Abuse Intervention Professionals (CPAIP) by setting standards to certify domestic violence and partner abuse intervention professionals and regulating theprocess of certification.

Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professional Board
P. O. Box 429, La Grange, IL 60525
Phone: 708-334-9225
email: ilcdvp@ilcdvp.org

The ICDVP Policy Manual is currently being updated.  In order to not cause any confusion we have decided to take if off of our website temporarily until the necessary revisions are completed.  All ICDVP forms are still available on our website and can be downloaded.  For answers to any ICDVP policy questions, please contact ICDVP at ilcdvp@ilcdvp.org or (708) 334-9225.  Thanks so much for your patience.


important notices

The next ICDVP exams (CDVP/CPAIP) are scheduled for February 26, 2020.  The deadline for exam applications is January 24, 2020.  AS OF JANUARY 1, 2020 EXAMINATION FEES ARE INCREASED TO $200.00.

Exam applications and Candidate Study Guides can be found by using the Quick Link titled “CDVP – Continental Testing Services” for the CDVP exam or “CPAIP – Continental Testing Services” for the CPAIP exam.

PLEASE BE ADVISED:    All individual certification renewal notices are being sent out electronically to your email address on file.  It is your responsibility to let ICDVP know of any changes in your email address or you will no longer receive notices.


The following information is to inform all ICDVP approved agencies and certified CDVP/CPAIP professionals on how we will be handling this current crisis.  ICDVP acknowledges that some agencies have moved to working remotely, some in person trainings have been canceled or rescheduled, and there have been requests for alternative formats for training.  The following information outlines current decisions made by ICDVP.  It is important to note that all decisions will be re-visited on 04/30/20 for further review.

ICDVP approved 40-hour Domestic Violence Training
At this time, ICDVP is encouraging approved 40 -hour approved agencies to become a 20/20-hr approved site by submitting the following forms:

Currently, the 20-hour online modules are only offered by the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV), and they need to be contacted directly about registration.   The online modules must be completed prior to the in-person training portion.

ICDVP approved 20-hour PAIP Training
Alternative formats for this training are not allowed. Please contact Teresa Tudor at IDHS (Teresa.Tudor@illinois.gov)  with any specific questions regarding facilitating IDHS approved PAIP groups.

CEU Training
ICDVP will continue to allow CDVPs/CPAIPs to obtain a maximum of 15 hours of CEUs online.  We will be reaching out to all approved agencies to see if they are planning to offer online trainings, and those trainings will be advertised on our ICDVP calendar.  In addition, there are other agencies such as PESI, Quantum Units Education, Ce4Less, etc. that offer online trainings. As a reminder, all trainings that are completed at a site that is not an ICDVP approved CEU training site need a petition (ICDVP Form 6) and $10 petition fee for each one, and the training topic must be related to the 40-hour Domestic Violence Training or the 20-hour PAIP Training.

Supervision of CDVP/CPAIP exam applicants
ICDVP Supervision Guidelines continue to allow for the following:
A minimum of 15 hours of supervision are required for every 150 hours of client services (not hours worked, but service hours provided.)  Those 15 hours may consist of any combination of the following:

ICDVP Site Renewal Application Deadline
If your agency is due to renew their site certification on 03/31/20, or if your agency was asked to send in additional materials for your renewal, you will now have until 04/30/20 to submit those materials.  

ICDVP recognizes these are uncertain times for certified professionals and agencies, and we applaud the tremendous services that are provided.  We are committed to uphold the standards of ICDVP, but also acknowledge that the standards may need to be revised if needed.  Again, all decisions will be revisited on 04/30/20.  Please contact us at ilcdvp@ilcdvp.org with any questions.